1.       What is Rashtriya Raksha University?

Rashtriya Raksha University, an Institution of National Importance, is the first internal security institute of India, which was set up by the Government of Gujarat in 2009. 


2.       What are Professional development courses?

The courses that are pursued by any individual in order to develop his/career and in order to keep up with the changing dynamics of all the sectors.


3.       Will I get both the soft-copy and hard-copy of the certificate?

The student will receive the hard-copy of the certificate on successful completion of all the requirements of the course.


4.       How will the evaluation process be conducted?

The evaluation process will be conducted in two steps:

1.       1 MCQ test

2.       1 Project Assignment


5.       Who can I contact in case of technical issues?

In case of any queries/questions, you can email us at rise@rru.ac.in


6.       What is the duration of the course?

The duration of the course is three months.


7.       The certificate (s) provided will be signed by?

The certificates will be signed by Rashtriya Raksha University


8.       Who can register for the courses? Is there any eligibility criteria?

Anyone who is interested in learning about practical aspects of law and management is welcome to join our courses, provided they have passed the 12th standard. 


9.       Will I have access to the courses even after the completion of the courses?

The student is required to complete the requirements of the course within three months, however, the student will have life-time access to the course content.


10.   How can I clear my doubts which arise during the course?

In case of any queries/questions, you can email us at rise@rru.ac.in


11.   How will the courses be conducted?

The courses will be conducted via pre-recorded lectures and reading material which will be available in the Learning Management system.


12.   Can the fees be refunded?

All course fees are non-refundable.


13.   Can the course material (video lectures and reading material) be downloaded?

No, you cannot download any video lectures or reading material from the learning management system. However, you will be happy to know that the videos are accessible to you for life even after you complete the course.